Happy Promise Day Quotes and Sms

Happy Promise Day Quotes and SmsI Promise…
I will make mistakes,
I will say stupid things,
I will make some bad decisions,
I will get mad,
I will get on you nerves at times,
I will not always look perfect.
But I Promise…
If you love me through everything
that may go wrong,
I will make it worth your while.

On this promise day…
I promise to never let
you feel alone in this world..
I promise to cherish you
and your love… forever!

Please Promise me,
that no matter what
You’ll never let go.

Hey you,
I can’t Promise to fix all your
problems, but I can promise you won’t
have to face them alone.

Promise yourself to be so strong that
nothing can disturb your peace of nerd.
Look at the sunny side of everything and
make your optimism come true.
Think only of the best, work only for
the best, and expect only the best.
Forget the mistakes of the past and
press on to the greater achievements
of the future. Give so much time to the
improvement of yourself that you have
no time to criticize others.
Live in the faith that the whole world
is on your side so long as you are
true to the beat that is in you!

With every beat of my heart.
I will love you more and more,
After years of togetherness,
This is my solemn vow for you my love!

Happy Promise Day
“Love is a Promise,
Love is a souvenir,
once given never forgotten,
never let it disappear.”

Listen without Interrupting
Speak without Accusing
Give without Sparing
Pray without Ceasing
Answer without Arguing
Share without Pretending
Enjoy without complaint
Trust without Wavering
Forgive without Punishing
Promise without Forgetting.
Happy Promise Day!

“For last year’s words belong to
last year’s language and next years
words await another voice.”

Don’t talk, just act.
Don’t say, just show.
Don’t promise, just prove.

When you say I Love You
you are making a promise
with someone else’s heart.
You should honor it with
actions to prove it.

When you open eyes in the morning
just thank God that you are alive
and appreciate the gift of a new day.
Make a promise to yourself that you
will make each moment of the day meaningful.
You will indeed have a blessed day
because you are God’s wonderful creation.

My Dear Friend…
I promise to be your warm spot to
cuddle up to when you feel cold..
I promise to be you soft place
to land if you should fall
Happy Promise Day!

Don’t promise when you’re happy.
Do not reply when you’re angry and
do not decide when you’re sad.
Happy Promise Day!

Promise me you’ll always remember:
You’re braver than you believe,
and stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.

I’d never keep a Promise
I don’t intent to keep
so when I say forever
Forever is what I mean.

Don’t Promise me the Moon or the Stars..
Just Promise me…
You’ll stay under them with me..
Happy Promise Day!

I can’t Promise you the World,
But I can give you a Happy Life.
I can’t Promise you I’ll never yell,
But I can try to be Patient most of time.
I can’t promise you I’ll never make mistakes
But I can try the best to correct my faults.
I can’t Promise you that
I’ll catch you every time you fall,
But I can try to always be close by
so I can help you back up.
I can’t Promise that our love will
last forever like in story books,
But I can Promise that no matter what,
I’ll never forget the memories
I made with you.

We met it was Luck
We talked it was Chance
We became friends it was Destiny
We are still friends it is Faith
We will always be friends its a promise
Happy Promise Day!

I Promise to never let you feel
alone in this world.

I’ll always be better you
until the very end,
wiping all your tears away,
being your best friend.
I’ll smile when you smile
and feel all the pain you do,
and if you cry a single tear,
i promise I’ll cry too.

Through thick and thin
I promise you,
I’ll be there.

And I promise you this:
No matter who enters your life,
I will love you more than any one of them.

The real winners always make commitments
and they always keep instead of breaking
promises just like losers.
Have a nice Promise Day!

Celebrate the occasion of Valentine week,
wish all your friends, your partner
and always keep your promises.
Happy Promise Day!

We knew each other by chance
became friend by choice
still be friend by decision
so when I say friends forever
that’s a lifetime promise.

I promise that, One day,
Every thing’s going to
be better for you.

Promise Day!
If you are cold at night
let the promise of my love cover
you,like a warm blanket.

When I say I love you,
please believe it’s true.
When I say forever,
know I’ll never leave you.
When I say goodbye,
promise me you won’t cry.
Cause the day I’ll be saying
that would be the day I die.

I Promise myself that i will
enjoy every minute of the day
that is given me to live.

Happy Promise Day!
Forever is not today,
not tomorrow or a century.
That will come, but a lifetime…

I promise I will never forget the
day we kissed or the day we met.
The sky may fall and the stars may too,
but in the end I will still love you.

I promise to never let you feel
alone in this world.
I promise to give you strength
when you are weak
I promise to charm you and
your love.
Happy Promise Day!














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