Bill Gates Inspirational quotes and sms

“If you Born Poor
it’s not your Mistake,
But if you Die Poor
it’s Your Mistake”

People always fear change.
People feared electricity when
it was invented, didn’t they?
People feared coal, they feared
gas-powered engines…
There will always be ignorance,
and ignorance leads to fear.
But with time, people will
come to accept their silicon masters.

Air Plane Travel is Natures
way of making you look like your
Passport photo.

I’m Cooler than you
Waaay cooler.

I Studied Every thing
But Never Topped…
But today the Toppers
of the best Universities
are my employees.

“Life is not fair
Get used to
Used to it.”

“Your Parents weren’t
always Like this..
They only became this way
After you came Along”

“To create a new standard takes
something that’s not just a little bit
different. It takes something that’s
really new and captures people’s
imaginations. Macintosh meets that standard.”

“I can Understand wanting
to have a million dollars…
but once you get beyond
that, I have to tell you,
it’s the same hamburger.”

“Human DNA is like a computer Program
but far, far more advanced than
any software ever created.”

Often you have to rely on Intuition.

Bill Gates wasn’t kidding when he said:
If your business is not on the Internet,
then your business will be out of business.

It’s fine to celebrate success
but it is more important to
heed the lessons of failure.

In this business, by the time
you realize you’re in trouble
it’s too Late to save yourself.
Unless you’re Running scared all
the time, you’re Gone.

“To be a good proffesional engineer,
always start to study late for exams
because it teaches you how to
manage time and tackle emergencies.”

“If you want to hire an engineer,
look at the guy’s code. That’s all.
If he hasn’t written a lot
of code, don’t hire him.”

Success is a lousy teacher.
It seduces smart people into
thinking they can’t lose.

“I failed in some subjects in exam.
but my friend passed in all.
now he is an engineer in Microsoft
and i am the Owner of Microsoft”.

“If you can’t make it good
at least make it look good”.

“The good thing about science is that
it’s true whether or not you believe in it”.

Baby, it’s only Micro
when it’s soft.

“We always overestimate the
change that will occur in the
Next two years and
Underestimate the change that
will occur in the Next ten”.

We should all grow our own food and do
our own waste processing, we really should.

It’s fine to celebrate success
But it is more important to heed
the lessons of failure.

“The amount of innovation
taking place – the amount
of investment – is greater
today than ever.”

As we look ahead
into the next century
Leaders will be those
who empower Others.

If we don’t act on a good idea
within 24 hours, we are less than
50% likely to ever act on it.
If we haven’t acted on it
inside of days, then we are less
than 2% likely to ever act on it.

Look at the Clock when you
are sitting idle.
But Never Look the the Clock
When You are Working.

People always fear change.
People feared electricity when
it was invented, didn’t they?

Bill Gates went to a restaurant
and paid $2 tip. Waiter said
Waiter:Yesterday, your son gave
a $100 tip and
you’re giving only $2??
Bill Gates: He is a son
of Billionaire, I’M the son
of a farmer.

Lazy people know the fastest
way to do the job

“One day there will be a PC on
every desk, in every home”
Let’s keep it that way.

Recently, when asked about the
state of American high schools,
Bill Gates said, “Training the
workforce of tomorrow with the
high schools of today is like
trying to teach kids about today’s
computers on a 50-year-old mainframe.”

“…If we can’t have perfect solutions
to profoundly complex problems, we can
still make incremental improvements…”

Whether it’s Google or Apple or free software, we’ve got some fantastic competitors and it keeps us on our toes.

Television is not real life.
in real life people actually
have to leave the coffee shop
and go to jobs.

I love building the products,
seeing people use the products
but you know along with the success
comes the need for a dialogue with
the government.

“I would assume the Gates Foundation has made mistakes so far.
The question is, are they learning-are we, the world learning- from those mistakes?”

We Don’t stop playing because we grow old
we grow old because we stop playing.

Our goal in this country must be to prepare all the students for college,
work and citizenship. And our challenge is to give students and schools the support
they need to reach that goal.

“I’m trying to give an unsentimental,
rigorously reported account of how government policy or market forces affect lives…”

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