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Happy Ugadi and Gudi padwa quotes and sms

“U” Uthsavam “G” Gowravam “A” Anandam “D” Dhanam “I” Ishwaram.. “UGADI” Shubhakankshalu Happy Ugadi.. Here’s wishing that my decoration computes more extra hues to your season.. as simple as the way you do to our friendship! Wish you a bright and colorful Gudi Padwa! Best wishes for the new year! Gudi padwa is the beginning [...]

Happy Sankranti Quotes and Sms

Happy Makar Sankranti and happy kite festival. Wishing you happy lohri, may this festival brings prosperity, happiness and good fortune in your life. Happy makar sankranti.. Enjoy the festive season.. Sing and dance with fun.. Wishing you happiness.. On this Lohri! May this sankranti come to you as a newly blossomed flower whose aroma makes [...]

Happy daughter’s day quotes and sms

    Daughter, Angel of the heart. You are the strength and the beauty of the past memories. You are love, light and hope. You are life’s sweetest gift and precious miracle. Happy daughter’s day! Treat your daughter like queen! Because daughters love their parents most! Happy daughter’s day! A daughter is a mother’s treasure [...]

Happy Independence day Quotes and Sms

Freedom in the mind, faith in the words.. Pride in our souls. Happy Independence day! Let’s salute the Nation.. on the auspicious day.. Happy Independence day. Let’s not take our independence day for granted. Let’s do out bit to make India a better place.. Happy Independence day! Thousands laid down their lives so that our [...]

Happy Kiss Day Quotes and Sms

Happy kiss day.. If a kiss was a raindrop I’d send you rainstorm. If a caress was a while, I’d send you liberty. If a smile was a drop of water, I’d send you an ocean. If love was a person, I’d send you me.. My heart is cracked without your hands to sway me [...]

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