Emotional Quotes of Life

emotional quotes of life

Heart Breaking Emotional Quotes of Life:

1. A Quote from a Broken Heart : He Hurt me more than what I deserve…!
Is this just because I Loved him more than what he deserve???

2. Once in a life time, someone breaks your heart and still if you feel to hold that person with every broken piece, that amazing pain is called true TRUE LOVE.

3. If love is a game, it has to be the hardest game in the world, after all how can any one win a game where there are no rules.

4. Just because somebody doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.

5. Strange but very true
The insecurity of loosing our love makes us lose the friend in them…
and insecurity of loosing the friend makes you fall in love with them

6. Respect the emotions in someone’s heart, Rather than the expressions on someone’s face. Because, expression is just the formality, but emotions are the reality.

7. “I am not a handsome guy, but i can give my hand-to-someone who needs help.Beauty is in heart, not in face”

8. “I hate life” somebody said to god… god replied “Who told you love life? just love a person who loves you and life will be beautiful by itself…”

9. Classic one …! The hardest moment in life is not when you lose something and tears come out of your eyes…It’s when you are losing something and you are forced to smile.

10. In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity – Albert Einstein

11. One hurts you so that you may find someone who can heal you, if nobody is there to hurt you you will never know the importance of the person who cares for you.

12. Time decides whom you meet in life
Your heart decides whom you want in life
Your behavior decides who will stay in your life.

13. Today we are together, tomorrow we may not, but the sweet memories of our friendship will always remain in our heart.

14. A true friend is someone who brings us laughter even in our tears, Whose memories make us smile across the miles and through the years. And you are only the one.

15. Your memories can never substitute your presence in my life.

16. A very cute but meaningful quote – U never pay attention to a part of body till it pains. Don’t let it happen in relationships…

17. Family, Friends, Health and Time: these things don’t come with Price Tag; But when we loose them, we realize the cost….!

18. A person who loves you madly will never let you go whatever the situation is.

19. LOVE is transaction
Lake of sorrows
Ocean of tears
Value of emotions
End of life

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