Exam Quotes and SMS

Exam Quotes and Sms

Finals are there and the question paper we stare..
the solution seems to be no where
and that causes us stretch our hair..
The supervisor causes you glare,
the result isn’t fair..
but like the past 5 years.. Students damn care!

Study hard prepare well…
If you can’t do that then bribe your
teacher and get the question paper.
Have a great exam fest!

Test principles of Newton:
Partial of course you gather is waste,
partial of the remaining is out of mind,
rest of course you follow you won’t relive
and what you relive is not ever questioned in the paper.

Humorous rules of children’s Life:-
-Respect your cot, it’s your holy place.
-Rest in the daytime, to prevent dreams in nighttime.
-Books are holy, so don’t touch them daily.
-Do nothing tomorrow,
you can do it even later.
-If you want to study, locate at a place and
hold until that feel vanishes..

A great teacher is a reason for every rewarding student!
Then the reason behind a fail examinee?
A good looking teacher!!

What is the true meaning of Study?
S. Speaking
T. Taking rest
U. Universal messaging
D. Dozing
Y. Yowling
So keep going please.

Physics teacher asked tommy:
If you have 20 candies and
you offer 8 to angela, 6 to leesa
and 2 to heyden, what you remain with?
Tommy answered: 3 different girl friends.

Match is gaining importance constantly
with the occurrence of T20 and IPL..
Identical principles ought to be practiced in tests too!
1) Test duration need to be decreased to an hour.
2)Like super over, opportunity should be given
to test writers to ask their queries.
3) Like cheer girls there should also
be a dance post to a correct answer written.
4) Like strategic time out, test writers should
be given turn for conversation.
5)There should not be any supervisor in examination
center in the beginning of a exam.

An individual’s mind is the utmost
excellent gadget in Universe.
It works 1440 minutes every day for the whole year.
It starts working since the moment we are into this world,
and freezes as soon as we get into the examination hall.

1000 sheets in a edition can be studied what period of term?
Editor- 120 days, Physician- 60 days, Advocate-30 days,
Student- initially asks for the examination date.

Compliments to Kakatiya University students for the great news,
that final test have been postponed up to May to approve,
visit the website: www.stopgettingfooledandbegilearning.

Assessments are just as girl friends,
so much of queries,
impossible to explain,
further description is required,
returns are eternally blunder.

What is a Fear?? Fear is the deep
wrenching feeling inside your tummy
when sheets of your text smell quiet new
and hardly a day is remaining for your finals!

I’ll take a coin and twirl it before learning..
If heads- continue playing. If tails- Get relaxed.
If stays upright go outing and have something to eat.
If stays in air- Then let’s start learning..!

To my bookish buddy, tests will arrive and end,
results will appear and vanish, however once you turn out to
be insane, you will stay forever, so never do plenty of learning.

Lecturer questioned in the class that tests are
nearing, if there are any queries,
you can mention. Students: In which
center the test papers are getting xeroxed?

It requires 8 trees wood to out source
the answer sheet that we utilize to write down 1 test.
common unite us in saving the trees and nature
for noble cause. Declare no for tests.

To achieve big things
we need not only to do something,
but imagine as well, not only arrange
but rely on as well, best wishes for your exam.

Knowledge is intelligence what could be done further..
Talent is skill of doing it better..
and achievement is accomplishing it correctly!

Tendulkar started raising his bat on 40 runs.
Virat: What happened, it’s not 50 or 100!
Tendulkar: Yes, but the examinees realize
the significance of scoring 40.

I’m not planning to copy on the exam today,
I’m just going to refer the book during examination.

Reason for failure of examinees in exam?
8 hours of sleep a day, so 130 days left,
out of 365 days, 235 days left.
vacations of 50 days, so, 183 days remain,
children play minimum of 1 hour a day,
so constitutes 15 days, 168 days remains,
Sundays all 52, 116 days remains,
for eating 2 hours a day, so 30 days spent,
time remains 86, days for exams 35,
so 51 days remains, Eid and other national
holidays 20, days remains 31, Entertainment and
cultural programs 30 days. Days remaining only 1..
And that one day is your birthday..
and does anybody study on their birthday..

Way of spending 3 hours in exam hall? (11 am to 2 pm)
11:00-11:300 Read carefully the instructions given..
11:30-11:40 Write the registration number and sub code
11:40-12:40 Read the question paper twice.
12:40-1:15 See if you understand any question.
1:15-1:20 Ask for water and drink 1:20-1:50.
Check whether you have filled all the details carefully.
Last 10 minutes rest and get ready to leave the hall..

Our schooling set up do not train us working together..
When we clear up our examination in group discussion
with others they call it copying, silly persons..

Why struggle for tests..
Are they not about what you have learnt,
not about how much you can store
into your head the day before?

Latin is a diction, as spiritless as it
can be, The very first it killed the ramans,
Now it’s destroying people.

Great students like us work on the system of missile..
not on account that we goal sky but on account that
we don’t begin reading as far as our behind is fired on!

Victory is just like a train,
it has various sections like fortune, target, success etc
but ruling all those is the engine of determination.

It’s moment for the action! Refill your pens,
wipe out the dust particles from your books,
see your summary and arrange your grounds..
Battle starts in 20 days.

I pray you is to be gal-lat
be cool and self fitted with reality
and terms to win this exam war.

Finals are only for a time being,
but it takes efforts of many weeks and months.
This period comprises: The visit of stress,
anxiety, struggle and restless nights.

Supervisor: Why are you in stress?
Did you forget hall ticket, identity card or compos box?
Examinee: No Mam! By fault I have got
next exam’s copy material now.

When I pass away, entomb me under six feet,
and place my all books on different parts of my body
and inform my all teachers that I am dead and
I tried my best. Also tell my them not to weep
for they are the reason behind my death.

The humorous thing while writing an examination is that,
when every thing seems blunder and we aren’t
able to write any answer in the sheet and the examiner
comes and tells, “Please cover your answer papers”.

6 brilliant things examinees are habituated do
while finals revision:
1- Snoozing, 2- Munching, 3- Doing Sms, 4-Watching TV
5- Playing and 6- Questioning other students
did you study anything?

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