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sorry and please forgive me quotes and sms

I am sorry
Before any more time slips by….
I would like to seek your forgiveness…..
For all the times
I had hurt you unknowingly…..

There’s no excuse for what had happened
I just want you to know how deeply I regret everything
And more than anything else, what pains me
The most is the fast that I’m the one who has caused you
So much of suffering and anguish
But believe me, hurting you was never my intention
I’m truly very sorry.

Fighting with the world is easy.
You either win or lose.
But fighting with a loved one is difficult..
If you Lose, u Lose and
If you Win you still Lose!

I know my affitude
Makes you cry.
It hurts you a lot
Even though I apologise for
Seeking forgiveness from you.
Its very difficult
For you to believe that
I really wanna say sorry to you.

I know how angry you are
And what you must be going through
So I hope, you know,
How sorry I am for all
That happened between us
Please Forgive Me.

I’m sorry for a lot of things, but
Most of all that I never got a chance
To tell you that, no matter what happens next,
I’ll never be anything but
Grateful for every moment I spent
With you. And even though I keep
Fumbling for the right words,
All L really wanted to say was thank you.

Saying sorry doesn’t mean
There isn’t guilt and
Forgiving doesn’t mean
The pain is gone.

I was very sorry
When I found out that
Your Intentions were good
And not I supposed they were.

Play fair.
Don’t hit people.
Say you’re SORRY
When you hurt somebody.

Never ruin an APOLOGY
With an EXCUSE.

Now it’s just too late
And we can’t go back
I’m sorry, I can’t be Perfect.
Iam really sorry for Everything .
Please forgive me.

“Love means never having to say
You’re sorry.”

I don’t know quite how to
Make things better between us.
I can start by saying
I’m sorry.
I really am.

I’m so Sorry
Ever since I have hurt you,
I have been feeling
Really miserable,
Lets be friends again.

I’m so sorry for the loss
Of your loved one.
May precious memories fill your
Heart and ease your pain.

It seems the one
Who mean the most to us
Are always the ones we
Hurt the most
I never intend to hurt you.

It is easier to forgive an enemy
Than to forgive a friend.

I’m so sorry that
I made you sad
I know I broke
Your heart
I pray my
Shameful actions
Do not
Cause us to part

Sorry for hurting you:
What I did was foolish and impulsive.
If I could take it all back, I’d do so this instant.
I truly did not mean to hurt you in any way.
Please Forgive me
I’m so Sorry.

I’m really sorry
I didn’t mean to
Make you cross…
Please forgive me

I’m sorry, I can’t
Speak very coherently.

I’m sorry
I want to apologize
For not being caring enough
And hurting your feelings.
Please Forgive Me.

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