Quotes of Life on Friendship

quotes on life for friendship

Here are some of the Life Quotes on Friendship:

1. Truth of Life: A person never forgets two faces : first who helps him in critical situation! and the second who leaves him in critical situation.

2. A word to say, A word to hear.
Even in your absence, I feel you near.
Our relationship is strong, Hope it goes long.
We will remain friends, Till our HEARTS beats on.

3. Dictionary is the only place where Death comes before life,
Success comes before work, Divorce comes before Marriage,
but the best part is FRIEND comes before Relatives.

4. Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble.

5. Friendship is one spirit, dwelling in two hearts.

6. The value of special friend cannot be measured only treasured.

7. Friendship is like a ship sailing in a river called LOVE.

8. Friend is like a thermometer who knows our temperature.

9. Friend is like refrigerator who cools us, when we are hot.

10. As long as you are my friend, joys of life will not have an end.

11. Life is to give not to take,
friendship is to make not to break.

12. Lots of friends I do make,
Many hands I do shake,
My close friends are few,

13. A real friend is the one who walks in, when the whole world walks out.

14. Friendship is only cement that will ever hold the world together.

15. Story is nothing without any end,
Life is nothing without any friend.

16. A friend is one of the nicest thing you can have and
one of the nicest thing you can be.

17. A friend is a living treasure and if you have one you have the most valuable thing in life.

18. A friend is a hand that is always holding yours, no matter where you are, no matter how close or far you are.

19. What is friendship :
Friendship is like cricket, don’t make it fall like wicket
Is like gold, which cannot be sold,
Is like my heart, which cannot be caught,
Is like a cave, which cannot be slave.

20. On the shore of life, true friends are like waves,
they come and go, but touch you in such a way that
even when they are not around us, feeling of closeness is always there.

21. Once in a life time, you find someone who touches your heart and soul and stands beside you.
Once in a life time one finds a friend as I have found you.

22. Fame is a scentless flower,
with gaudy crown of gold
but friendship is the breathing rose
with sweets in every fold.

23. I want every happiness in the world to be yours, not only for this day, but for every other day.

24. May your little dreams find the way in the world of unlimited happiness.

25. May your life blossom into fullness and you enjoy moments filled with fragrance of love and joys of sharing to make everyday a special one.

26. There’s nobody in this world, who is as lovely as you are and because of the beautiful things you do, this wish comes straight from the heart for you.

27. Friend is a breathing flower with sweetness of friendship in every fold.

28. The wonderful memories we make with a friend are treasures so timeless and rare
They draw us together and keep us forever in touch with a friendship we share.

Few cups of care, one teaspoon of patience
one teaspoon of generosity, a pinch of kindness and
a quarter cup of laughter.
Mix them up, stir well, spread it over a pan of you life and serve everyone.

30. It takes so little to make people happy,
just a touch, if we know how to give it,
just a word friendly spoken,
a slight readjustment of some bolt or pin or bearing in the delicate machinery of a soul…
It’s all present in a friend.

31. Friendship is a gift that is so priceless and rare
There is no greater treasure, two people can share.

32. True friendship is not a pledge or promise to be made
it’s just being there for your friend like a sunshade……

33. True friendship is not an equation, sum or emotion
it’s just love, tender, care and true devotion…

34. True friendship is not a science or an art,
it’s just a relationship which comes straight from the heart.

35. Friendship happens when one person reaches out to another trusts, comforts, believes in that person; hopes the best for that person and makes a special difference that no one else can make.

36. Some one who is kind and thoughtful, whose company ‘s you pleasure, someone who listens and understands whose good advise you treasure, someone whose warmth and patience never seem to have an end, someone who has a caring heart…. That someone is a friend!

37. A friend is a part of your heart from whom you cannot part A friend is that delicate portion of your brain, whom the laws of friendship you needn’t train A friend is a secret holder in sorrows who is ever ready to give you shoulder A friend is a person in whom you can believe In whose company you can find some relief Therefore be a good friend, And in every case your friend you must defend.

38. A friend guides you, inspires you, comforts you and lights up your life with laughter

40. Along life’s road I found a friend who brought me joys untold; a happiness to fill my heart with special moments of gold.

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