Good Morning Quotes and SMS

Good Morning Quotes and SMS

Good morning:-

The actual meaning of MORNING is “MORE+INNING”
Means one more inning given by god to play and win.
So have a very lovely winning.

A simple HELLO is so sweet,
“H”- How are you?
“E”- Every thing alright?
“L”- Like to Listen you.
“L”- Like to see you.
“O”- Obviously missing you.
So HELLO my dear friend.

Tell these 5 lines to yourself every morning and feel the magic
1) I am the Best
2) I can do it
3) GOD is with me
4) I am a winner
5) Today is my day!

Good Morning Wishes!!!!
Fresh Morning. Fresh Hopes
Fresh Plans. Fresh Efforts
Fresh Success. Fresh Feelings
And also FRESH years to go I wish
U a Fresh and Successful day and Good Morning.

Welcome to new morning with a smile on your face,
Love in your heart, good thoughts in your mind and
You will have a wonderful day,
Good Morning.

Morning is a good time to remember all the sweet things
And all the good persons in your life
So wake with your sweet memories.

Morning greetings
Doesn’t only mean
Good Morning,
it has a
Silent message saying:
I Remember You
When I wake up!

A new sun
A Fresh day
A Cool Greetings
Asking you to
Forget all your
Worries, Sorrows and
For someone
who wants to
see you Happy

Open your eyes
So the sun can rise
Flowers can blossom
Because all are waiting
To see your beautiful smile

An ideal day should begin with a cute
Little yawn on your face,
A cup of coffee in your hand and
A comment from me on your profile?!
Have a great day! Good Morning.

Every day may not be good,
But there’s something good in every day”.
Every successful person has a painful story.
Every painful story has a successful ending.
Accept the pain and get ready success.

No man in this world is rich…..
Enough to buy his own PAST……
Enjoy each moment
Before it gets beyond reach…..
Have GOOD DAY!!!!

Let go of all the people who fill
Your life with stress and hold on
To those who can always
Make you smile. Life is too short
For sadness. Live Laugh Love.

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