Good Night Quotes and Sms

Good Night Quotes and SmsGood Night is the best way to
remind somebody how special
they are.. Good Night..!

Hey you, yes you the one,
holding this phone,
are you asleep??
no?? Ok, good, coz I want
to say good night before your
eyelashes hug each other.

Let the most beautiful
dream come to you tonight,
let the sweetest person
come in your dream tonight..
But dont make it a habit
because I am nit free every night..
Good Night..

Dreaming of you makes
my night worth while,
thinking of you makes me smile,
being with you is the best thing ever,
and loving you is what I’ll
do for ever.. Good Night..!

Welcome to “Good Night Restaurant”
Warm Pillow,
Hot Blanket,
Soft Bed,
Sweet Dreams,
Sound Sleep..
Have a great visit…

I wish I was your blanket,
I wish I was your bed,
I wish I was your pillow
underneath your head,
I want to be around you,
I want to hold you tight
and be the lucky person
who kisses you tonight..
Good Night.

Things to take note when you sleep:
1st-Miss me
2nd-Think of me
3rd-Hug me
4th-Love me
5th-Close your eyes and
Try to sleep now and
get prepared to dream of me!
Good Night!

I think your eyes are tired
looking at this world reflecting
through light, let your eye lashes
hug each other for few hours.
Happy journey into the
dream world. Good Night..

I wish I could be
there to hold you tight.
Instead of saying
this loving good night.

Dreams are answers to questions
we haven’t yet figured out
how to ask.. Sweet Dreams..

Learn to love the people
who are willing to leave at present
and forget the people in the past
and thank them for hurting you
which led you to love the people
you have today..Good Night..!

I’m sending you a pillow of
happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams,
a blanket of care to comfort you all
night and a prayer to protect
you until morning.
Good Night!! Sleep Tight!!

Never blame a day in your life.
Good days give you happiness.
Bad days give you experience.
Both are essential in life!
All are Gods blessings!
Good Night.

Joy with smile make and
night good say to wanted just
I that out find you when funny
it find will you.
Read backwards!

When an angel came to me,
he asked: “What is your wish
for tonight?”
I said “Please take care
of the person who’s reading
this message.”
Good Night!

An early night message
doesn’t mean that I am
disturbing you, it means
you are one of the first
few people about whom I am
thinking before closing my eyes.

Good night my very special friend,
I pray you lay in rest
and may tomorrow bring you
much love and happiness.
Do not think of me…
I am in your eyes, in your heart
Good Night!

Since your eyes are looking tired..
Let your eyelashes hug each other
for few hours…
Wishing you a happy journey
into the world of dreams…
Good Night!

Saying goodnight is not
just putting an end to a day.
Its the way of saying,
I remember you before I go
to sleep. Hope you can feel
the care that goes with it..
Good Night..

My sms may not mean too much
for you.. but to me it mean
a lot, because its the way
of showing yu that I care..
Good Night!

Sleepy message for a sleepy person
from a sleepy friend for a
sleepy reason at a sleepy time
on a sleepy day in a sleepy mood
to say please sleep “Good Night.”

Beautiful saying for night
The most beautiful saying by
shakespeare about night:
Good Night!

You might be sleeping
you might be awake
there’s a feeling
I just cant shake…
I know deep inside
this feeling is right
the uncontrollable
urge to say Good Night!

Saying Good Night,
is not just a formality..
Its the art of saying
that I remember you
till the last moment of my Day!

Touch your heart,
close your eyes,
make a wish, say good night,
sky so wide, stars so bright,
off the light, sleep tight.

A Rabbit runs, jumps and lives
only for fifteen years.
While a Turtle doesn’t run,
does nothing yet lives for 300 years.
Moral: Exercise is hell just sleep well
Good night..

I am whispering because
I dont want to wake yo up.
You’ll probably read this
tomorrow, but any way
I want you to know
I kissed you.. Good Night!

If you manage to smile
at any situation, you are
the winner of highest
number of hearts in this world.
Face everything with smile..
Goodnight, Sweet dreams…

Day to day things make me busy and
I often fail to be in touch.
But whatever happens in my life,
you’re always somewhere in the
picture truly remembered and missed.
Good Night!

Go to Bed
Off the Lights
Out of Tension
Dreams come
Nice Sleep
Ignore worries
Get up earlier
Have a nice thought
Thank the God.

Night is designed to end
the worries and fears of the day.
It signifies to leave it all to
God and preapare for another day to come.
Have a peaceful nice and a blessed tomorrow!
Good Night.. Sweet dreams.. Take care..

If you understand these lines,
you can change a lot in life.
“Do not get uspet with people
or situations. Both are powerless
without your reaction..”Good night.”

Elders always ask
“Why do you all youths sleep
for very long hours..?
Fantastic answer…
Because our dreams are always big..
Sleep well good night…

Whenever you have a dream
inside your heart,
never let it go because,
dreams are the tiny seeds,
from which beautiful tomorrow grows.
Have a wonderful dream tonight..
Good Night..

Dont fight with your pillow,
but lay down your head and
kick every worriment out of the bed!

zzzz…sshhh….its only me
putting a blanket on you so
that you wont get cold,
have a warm and nice sleep!
Good Night dragster..

My math teacher told me
1 hour=60 minutes and
1 minute=60 seconds, but
she never told me 1 second
without a friend is equal to
100 years. Good Night…

Funny but true thought..
In the past, nobody had a watch
but everyone had time.
Now everyone has a watch
but nobody has time…
Good Night…

The person who loves you
will always do two extreme
things for you,
silently caring and
openly hurting, to make
you perfect!

Road has speed limit,
bank has money limit,
exam has time limit,
life has age limit,
but friendship has no limit
you and me.. Good Night!

Chill message for a cool person,
from a chill person, for a cool
reason, Good Night!

All days worries, tiredness,
fatigue, goes away when you lie
on bed by closing your eyes..
You feel so relaxed as if you
are in heaven..
So wishing you a very good night..

Every garden must have a rose,
Every face must have a smile,
Every grass must have a dew,
Every person in this world
must have a friend like you.
Good Night..

Sun is swithched off,
Stars are switched on,
Blue sky goes off and
black sky comes in.
So a cool night is coming,
go to bed and have sweet
dreams.. bye.. good night..

Pearl of wisdom:
You will never get a second
chance to make a first impression..
but first impression is not
the last chance.. Good Night!

May be you are busy or tired
by the end of the day,
just want to tell you
I love You, Good Night..
Before I sleep.

Pom! Pom!
Sorry my sms was in traffic jam
So late to say you
‘Good Night’.

The moon from the sky winks at
you tonight, wishing you a
lovely goodnight!

Just see the sky, all stars
are blinking except 1 cute star
That is busy in reading my sms..
Good Night.

Every tear is a sign of commitment..
Every silence is a sign of compromise.
Every smile is a sign of attachment.
Every sms is a sign of rememberance..
Good Night.

No day is so bad, it can’t be fixed
with a nap! Good Night Sweet Dreams..

A candle can loose nothing
by lightening to Others..
Goos Night..

I wish that God would hold you tight.
I hope that angels will keep you in sight.
Now just to make sure up fel all right,
I am going to wish you a wonderful night!

Night is linger than day for those who dream
and day is longer than night for those who make their dreams come true.
Wish you good Night and Sweet Dreams..

Dream touch your heart and soul.
Its a magical memory that unites
fantasy and reality..
Wish you the sweetest as you close
your eyes good night..

Silence and smile are two
powerful tools.
Smile is the way to
solve many problems
and silence is the way to
avoid many problems..
So have a silent smile.. Good Night..

As the moon winks in the night..
Sweet dreams embrace you tight…
Hope that your day was alright..
And I wish you a heart full of good night..

Welcome abroad to “Sweet Dreams” airline,
All passengers on bed, hug your pillows
As the flight will be leaving soon
to dream land, enjoy your time.
Good Night..

When nights are long and friends are few,
I sit by my window and think of you.
A silent whisper, a silent tear,
with all my heart I wuish you were here.
Good night and sweet dreams.

An English Wonder:
These words have something in common..
Banana, dresser, Grammar, Potato,
Revive, Uneven. Could you identify
the answer? In each of the words listed,
move the 1st letter to the end of
the word and read backwards.
It spells out the same! Good Night.

Good Night
Have a salty dream
because everyday sweet is not
good for your health..

Here are my special wishes for you tonight:
A night full of love,
A peaceful sleep,
A beautiful dream,
and a prayer that will come true!
Good Night…!

0123456789 thank god all the
keys are working, now go to
sleep.. Good Night..

Welcome to Radio Bed FM
Dis is DJ Bedsheet
Huggin out wid Dj pillow
for now I’ll play for you
A song untitled..
Sleep tight Dozn ov Swit Drimz
from the Album..

Take this kiss upon the brow!
and in parting from you now,
thus much let me avow..
you are not wrong who deem
taht my days have been a dream;
yet if hope has flown away
in a night, or in a day,
in a vision or in none,
is it therefore the less gone?
all that we see or seem
is but a dream within a dream.”

G= Go to bed
O= Off the lights
O= Out of tension
D= Dreams come true
N= Nice Sleep
I= Ignore worry
G= Get fresh
H= Have a sweet dream
T= Thank to God.

The most beautiful thing in this world
is to see your parents smiling
and the next best thing is to know
that you are the reason behind that smile..
Good Night and Sweet Dreams..

In this lovely night,
I pray to the blue moon to protect you through the night,
the wind to blow away your stress and
the twinkle stars to guide you the way.
Sweet dreams Good Night!

Good Night…
have a salt dream..coz,
daily sweet is not good
for your health,
moreover you are already
too sweet…so
Good Night Salt Dreams!!!

Remember that each time you fall..
I’ll never let you reach the ground..
Trust me..I’ll always be around..
Good Night..

One big day is going to over.
Recollect the moments which happened today.
Feel the strength of relation.
Go to bed with the sweetness of today.
Relax yourself… and wait for
another Good Day.
Have a nice sleep..

Every normal person has 72 heart beats
but for myself its 73.
The extra one is your smile.
So don’t stop your smile,
it will affect my heart.
Keep smiling,
take care and Good Night!

Think of your faults..
The first part of the night
when you are awake
and the faults of others
the later part of the night
when you are asleep..
Good Night..

True love gives either a
partner to spend life with or
Sweet memories which would never
leave alone to love someone else..!!
Good Night Sweet Dreams..

Sun wouldn’t be red,
Sea wouldn’t be blue,
I wouldn’t be happy,
without disturbing you.
“Good Night”.

True guidance is like a small lamp
in a dark forest. It doesn’t
show everything at once,
but gives enough light
fot the next step to be safe…
Good Night.. Sweet Dreams..

At this moment, 3.7 millions are
sleeping, 2.3 millions are falling in love
4.1 millions are eating and only
one person in the whole world is
reading my sms.. Good Night..!

Night is a wonderful opportunity
to take rest, to forgive, to dream,
to smile and to get ready for all
the battle that you have to fight
tomottow.. Good Night..!

My day may be hectic,
schedule may be tight
but I never let day
and without saying Good Night.

I have a lovely gift for you
close your eyes..
Ready..1 2 3..
You didn’t close your eyes..
So no gift only Good Night..




















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