Happy daughter’s day quotes and sms


Happy daughter's day quotes and sms

Happy daughter’s day quotes and smsĀ 


Angel of the heart.
You are the strength and the
beauty of the past memories.
You are love, light and hope.
You are life’s sweetest gift
and precious miracle.
Happy daughter’s day!

Treat your daughter like queen!
Because daughters love their parents most!
Happy daughter’s day!

A daughter is a mother’s treasure
and a father’s pride and joy.
Happy daughter’s day!

Being daddy’s girl is like
having permanent armor
for the rest of your life.
Happy daughter’s day!

The greatest thing a father
can do to his daughter,
is to love her mother.
Happy daughter’s day!

I know a girl who
stole my heart
calls me her mom.
I love my daughter.
Happy daughter’s day!

We laugh, we cry,
we make time fly,
best friends we are,
my daughter and I.
Happy daughter’s day!

You can feel her innocence
in form of a daughter.
Happy daughter’s day!

One thing common between
a father and a daughter..
They both love their doll.

No matter how old my daughter
gets, she’ll always be my baby girl.
Happy daughter’s day!

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