Happy Holi 2019 Quotes and Sms

happy holi quotes

Holi is the day to deliberate
passion with different shades.
It is a time to show affection,
all the colors that are on you are of love.
Happy holi!

Just monkeying around to wish you…
Oops a colorful holi!
Happy holi!

Red for prosperity
green for laughter
blue for endurance
orange for success
pink for friendship.
May you be blessed with
all shades of holi..
Happy holi!

Orange, pink, purple and blue…
All shades of holi intimate me of you…
because just like then you are
so vibrant and full of fun!
Happy holi!

Sending your way,
a warm wish especially
on holi, to add color
of joy to your spirit,
to make it cheerful
and meaningful at the same time…
Happy holi.

Here’s wishing you a holi
filled with sugary time
and splashy remembrance
to enshrine endlessly…
Happy holi!

This holi let us unite and paint
the heart with tint of liveliness.
“Happy holi.”

Holi is nearing!
I am missing you a lot
and sending you my
brightest wishes on holi!

Celebrating the shades of
our wonderful bond.
I wish you and your family
all the glistening colors of liveliness.
Happy holi!

Very jolly and playful holi
to you and your family.
I pray that this moment will
carry each second with joy.
Happy holi!

May the blaze of holi sanctify your soul,
may the colors, color your life
may the sweets, sweeten the
route of your liveliness.
I wish you and your family
very happy holi.

Various people various hues
one festivity..
Wishing you a happy and colorful holi.
Happy holi…

Wishing you a holi colored with joy,
sprinkled with laughter and
filled with warmth!
Happy holi!

May you have the most blessed
holi festival than you ever had.
May it be overflowing with witty,
pleasure and delight.
May you be as splashy as the festival
Itself or even more. Lets all have lots of fun.
Happy holi!

A genuine and treasuring connection
doesn’t have to communicate loud,
A colorful card is just enough to
express the heartiest excitement.
Relish the Indian celebration
of holi with plenty of fun.
Happy holi…

Holi is the time to develop understanding
and love for all. This is an occasion for
you all to start over your friendship and to
express heartiest crush by writing a
lovely holi message for beloved person.
Happy holi!

Just remember !
Jalebis, Lassi, Laddoo’s, Pichkari,
here is the list of the things you’re gonna
have to remember, for holi .
You’re probably never gonna forget!
Rock out this Holi.

It’s Holi!
Though you understand that…
The day you have come in my life,
every moment has become
as masti bhari ,
khushiyan bhari as holi!
Thank you sweet heart!

Holi is the time to unwind,
de-stress and bond with sweets,
thandai and colors.
Come let’s rejuvenate in it!
Happy holi!

Apun wishing you a wonderful
super – duper
X – tra – badiya
X – tra – special
Ek dum mast and dhinchak
bole to ek dum zhakas
happy waali holi!

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