Happy Hug Day Quotes and Sms

Happy Hug Day Quotes and Sms

A Hug!
Relieves Tension
Improves Blood flow
Reduces Stress
Helps Self-Esteem
Generates Good Will
Absolutely No Cost
No batteries required
Silent performance
Extremely personal
Fully returnable.
Get one today!

Did you suddenly feel warm,
nice and loved? That’s because
I just hugged you in my thoughts!

A big warm hug
wrapped with all my love,
just for you!
It’s Hug Day!

No matter where I go…
The warmest place for me,
would always be in your arms.

Even though I’m away in your heart
I’m right by your side
And here’s a hug from me
to say, I love you lots
Happy hug day!

In your arms I feel so great
The warmth. The love.
Best place is in that state
Hold Me, Love Me,
Kiss Me, Hug Me…
Happy Hug Day…

It’s send a Hug Day!
But that’s not why
I’m sending you this
I just couldn’t resist
getting my arms around you!

I feel aroma of love
spreading all over when..
I am in your arms!

It’s a hug a bear day,
but you are so adorable
that you are worth a hug
today and every single day.

I just have to give you a hug so…
put your right hand on your
left shoulder and your left hand
on your right shoulder,
now squeeze….
and know that it traveled
all this way from me.

A hug is a great gift
one size fits all,
and it’s easy to exchange.
Here’s a hug for you
Happy Hug Day!

Do you know…
There is one gift which
can’t be given without
taking it back…
That is why I give you hug
which can’t be given
without taking it back.
Happy Hug Day!

Don’t search for love,
let love find you..
That’s why it’s called
falling in love,
because you don’t force
yourself to fall,
you just fall and there
will be someone to catch you..
Happy Hug Day!

Wanna say an International Hug Day…
Hugs are always sweet,
but they are the sweetest
and the warmest…
when form you.

What the heart gives away is
never gone, but kept in the hearts
of others, from dusk to dawn.
Hug Day you from the core of my heart.

Sometimes when I say “I’m okay”,
I want someone to look me in the
eyes, hug me tight and say,
“I know you are not.”

Happy Hug Day!
“A hug is the shortest
distance between friends.

Keep calm and Hug me
and don’t let go.

You can’t wrap love in a box,
but you can wrap a person in a hug.

My sweetest memory
your message.
My biggest sadness
The distance
My biggest hope
I will hug you soon
My strongest prayer
relation continues forever.
Happy Hug Day!

I will just pretend to hug
you until you get here.
happy Hug Day!

Here’s a little hug for you
to make you smile when you feel blue
to make you happy if you’re sad.
To let you know…Life ain’t so bad!
Now I have given a hug to you,
Somehow, I feel better too!
Hugs are better when you share,
So pass one on and show you care!
Share a Hug Day Today!

I’m sending you a Hug today!
Sometimes it is nice to get an
unexpected hug for no other reason
than just because you’re loved and
cared for. It’s a good feeling to
know that simply because you’re you,
someone wants to show you how much you
mean to them. So while you’re reading
these words, don’t think of them are
just words… think of each one as a
hugs for your heart from mine..

On send a Hug Day…
Sending the warmest of hugs
to the coolest friend I have!

Good morning,
Give someone you love
a hug and tell them you
love them because they
might just need it
this morning.
Happy Hug Day!

Happy Hug Day!
I’d hug you all
day if I could…

Sometimes all you
need is a hug from
the right person…
and all your stress
will melt away.

A hug delights and warms
and charms, taht must be
why god gave us arms.
Happy hug day!

One of the best feelings in the world is
when you hug someone you love,
and they hug you back even tighter…

Millions and millions of years
would still not give me half
enough time to describe that
tiny instant of all eternity
when you put your arms around
me and I put my arms around you.

Hugs are the Universal medicine…
On send a Hug Day…
Consider yourself hugged…
And know how much your
friendship means to me!

Your hug brings sparkling thoughts in me!

What more nicer than a great big hug..
Happy hug day!

Hug harder, laugh louder,
Smile bigger, Love longer.

No matter how stronger a girl is,
she has a weak point. And sometimes,
all she needs is a hug.

Today is World Hug Day,
Go and hug someone.

When I hug someone I want
a full hug, not that one
arm hug crap.

Hugs that last over 20 seconds,
release a chemical in your body
called “Oxycontin” that makes
you trust someone more.

During Hug!!
A girl’s head is always down
because she considers her boy
to be her world and get lost in it..
A boy’s head is always up
so that no other guy dares to
look at his girl…








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