Happy Independence day Quotes and Sms

Happy Independence day Quotes and Sms

Freedom in the mind,
faith in the words..
Pride in our souls.
Happy Independence day!

Let’s salute the Nation..
on the auspicious day..
Happy Independence day.
Let’s not take our independence day
for granted. Let’s do out bit to make
India a better place..
Happy Independence day!

Thousands laid down their
lives so that our country is
breathing this day.
Never forget their sacrifice.
Happy Independence day!

A journey of 68 years,
August 1947 to August 2015..
It’s a time!!!
To think, to correct ourselves
for our beautiful India.
Happy Independence day!

Freedom is never dear at any price.
It is the breath of life.
What would a man not pay for living?
Happy Independence day!

Ask not what the country can do for you
but what you can do for the country.
A salute to the soldiers who risk their
lives for our country..
A salute to the citizens who make
our country proud..
Happy Independence day!

May the Indian tricolor always fly high..
Warm wishes on the grand occasion of
Indian Independence day!

Happy Independence Day!
In the truest sense,
freedom cannot be bestowed;
it must be won”.

Let’s honor the patriotism
of the people who lost their
lives to free India and deepen
our love for her. I love India.
Happy Independence day!

Happy Independence day!
Independence day!
Let’s rejoice in happiness
and indulge in celebration.
Saluting the ones who made it
possible. Singing in their
administration, who made India
stand high and mighty,
Let’s make them our inspiration.

Never forget the heroes who sacrificed
their breath to lead this remarkable day
to India.. Have a great Independence day!

India proudly soars high today..
Free and independent..
May the joys of freedom embrace
you always. Happy Independence day!

I feel so gratified to be a member of this culture
as it has given me so many memories
and also a great friend like you!
Happy Independence day!

This special day let’s promise
our motherland that we will
do everything to enrich and
preserve our heritage, our
ethos and our treasure.
Happy Independence day!

Independence is a precious gift of God.
May we always remain independent.
Happy Independence day!

Today we come together,
be the cause for the unity,
Make it beautiful day another..
Fight against corruption,
Spurl the flag of on nation.
Vande Mataram.

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