Happy Kiss Day Quotes and Sms

Happy Kiss Day Quotes and Sms

Happy Kiss Day Quotes and Sms

Happy kiss day..
If a kiss was a raindrop
I’d send you rainstorm.
If a caress was a while,
I’d send you liberty.
If a smile was a drop of water,
I’d send you an ocean.
If love was a person,
I’d send you me..

My heart is cracked
without your hands to sway me
as a mirror without a reflection.
I wanna kiss you my valentine.
Happy Kiss day!

If a kiss could express my love for you..
I will go on kissing you endlessly!

My luscious remembrance, your words..
my immense grief, the farness..
my enormous desire, I will hug you shortly..
my strongest prayer, relation continues forever..
Happy kiss day!

Happy kiss day dear!
Love is being close to you
and your warm touch on
kiss day, send all my love to you..

The utmost thing that I would
never forget are the memories..
Happy kiss day!

A kiss seals two souls
for a moment in time.
Happy kiss day.

It’s kiss day
and sorry I have kissed you
so many times in my idealization..
because I could not wait till we meet.

A hundred hands would be too
few to carry all my kisses for you..
Happy kiss day.

It’s kiss day and I’m hungry
for more of your kisses.

We are heading towards
Valentines week which is
a period of love..
a moment to rejoice life
a time to entrust and forget all faults
and a time to say a prayer
for who touched your life..
A time to kiss back the
person who kissed you..
Happy kiss day.

Your kisses and hugs are like
stars that light up my spirit
when my life gets cloudy.
Happy kiss day sweet heart.

I love the way you kissed me
on my gill until now so delicately.
So I honestly wanted to express you that,
I wish, you to be the only boy I kiss.
Happy kiss day.

Happiness is like a kiss..
It feels lost when you
give it to someone else!

“I love you, I love you but,
with a love that should be alive
till the sun grows cold and
the stars grows old.”
I will love you till the end
of time! Happy kiss day.

Happy kiss day.
On this special day, I want that
every day of my life is filled with
some more moments like this.

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