Happy Marriage Anniversary Quotes and SMS

Happy Marriage Anniversary quotes and sms

1)I love you more
than life itself
and so thankful
that we met
My world’s now
filled with sunshine
How much better
can it get

2)Love is not as simple
As candlelight and roses….
…..love is day-to-day living,
Talking time, making time to be there,
With open arms and a giving heart…..
Love is the special life we share…….
Happy Anniversary

You have filled my life with so
Much love and happiness…..
I feel so lucky to have you
In my life!
Happy 1st Anniversary

4)Wishing you all the good things in life
May the love that you share
Grows deeper with each passing year

5)Happy Marriage Anniversary
to a beautiful couple!
May the freshness of your love
always remain……

6)When you make
A sacrifice in marriage
You’re sacrificing
Not to each other
But to unity in a
Happy Anniversary.

7)I truly, madly
Deeply love you
And always will
Happy Anniversary.

8)A time of celebration
Of all that two have shared.
A time of reaffirmation
Of vows of love declared.

A time of recommitment
To each others wants and needs.
And not to be concerned with
Who follows of who leads.

For marriage, like an heirloom,
Is to treasure and revere.
A union of two lovers
And all that they hold dear.

To celebrate, do honor, to
The true love of your life.
Make everyday an anniversary
For a special man and wife.

To have
And to hold
From this day forward,
For better, for worse,
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
To love and to cherish,
Till death do us part.

9)Our Love Has Grown
I have found where a great beauty lies;
I have found it here looking in your eyes
I see your vision of all you want to do
I’ll be right beside you, for I believe in you.

10)Our love has grown deeper like the sea,
It blossomed like a rose, and as a bird it’s free….
It soars above the foolish, living for their pleasure
We have a love to cherish and treasure
Lord help us treat it with utmost care,
To support each other and our burdens to bear

And today we stand next to each other
Remembering all the time that we prayed for this special one
Show those around us that we’ve found the key that they need
Christ must be the center to have such unity

O let me be thankful for your life to care
Words cannot express my willingness to share
Now that god allows me to love you as your wife
I’ll love you with all my heart, my soul and my life.

11)Sorry for the belated wishes
On your wedding anniversary…..
But it’s never late….
To wish you
Loads of happiness and luck!

12)Once in a while
we get a special chance
to see what true love
is all about….

Come share in the magic of
Amritanshu and I am ranju’s
25th Wedding Anniversary

13)Happy Anniversary
To Mom and Dad
Your love
and togetherness
is truly
an inspiration to us!

14)A big thankyou for being
There in my life,
For making it beautiful
With your amazing presence
Happy marriage anniversary.

15)An anniversary is a day For looking back and forward too A day when you are reminded of the bond that keeps you close, Knowing it is the simple things in life that mean the most.

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