Happy quotes of Life

Happy quotes of Life

The time to be happy is now
The place to be happy is here
And the way to be happy is to
Share your joy and memories with those near and dear.

We think there is enough time to live…!
But we never know which moment is last….!
So share…!
Celebrate, every moment….
-Live royal life.

Life can be happier and stressful,
If we remember 1 simple thought :
We can’t have all that we desire,
But god will give us all that we deserve.

It relieves tension,
Invigorates the spirit,
Combats depression,
Has no side effects.
The perfect drug.
Here’s one from me to you,
Hope your day is great!

Every experience brings out some thing good;
Good times become Good Memories,
Bad times become good Lessons.
We never loose
We always gain from life.
So be happy always.

A happy man is happy not because
Every thing is right in his life
He is happy because
His attitude towards
Everything in his life is right!

Happiness is not something
you postpone for the future
It is something you design for the present.
Make each moment a happy one.

Shakespear said:
I always feel happy “you know why?
Because I don’t expect anything from anyone!!!
Expectations always hurt.

Our friendship is a crossed cheque of Rs. HAPPY/-
Which we both have,
When you feel upset and alone,
Withdraw it from my a/c,
When you are too happy,
Deposit it in my a/c.

If you wait for happy moments,
You will wait forever,
But if you start believing that you are happy,
You will be happy forever,
Wish you lot of happiness for ever.

No one is born happy
But all of us are born with the ability
To create happiness around us.
So flash your sweet smiles today and
Make others happy.
Live each day in the happiest way,
Be the best, no matter where you stay.
Let your fortune so unfold,
That even the stones you hold,
May turn into gold….

Don’t be happy for a reason,
Because that happiness may end with the reason.
Try to be happy without any reason
And you will be happy forever”.

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