Happy Rose Day quotes and sms

Happy Rose Day quotes and smsSMS – —;-<@
Roses exclusively for a nice person…
From a simple person…
Keep roses until they dry…
Keep my relation until I die…
Happy Rose Day !

Here’s a rose for you to keep,
and help enlighten your days.
Pass this rose on to everyone you know,
and let them know that you care about them.
If you do not pass this on,
then your friendship may not last,
But if you do, then you have
nothing to worry about!!!
JUST SEND IT!! don’t let the rose die down

“The rose speaks of love silently, in
a language known only to the heart.”
Roses for you on Rose Day!
Love is just love,
it can never be explained.
Happy Rose Day!
Happy Rose Day!
Life is Roses
Beware of thorns.
Happy Rose Day!
iam giving you this
beautiful rose my Sweet heart!

My life is a bed of Roses,
and that’s because of You!
Happy Rose Day!

Happy Rose Day!
“True friendship is like a rose.
We can’t realise it’s beauty
until it fades.”

Happy Rose Day!
“Love is like a rose.
It looks beautiful on the outside…
but there is always pain hidden somewhere.”

A Single Rose for you for being in my life…
Thank you so much to complete my Life…
Happy Rose Day!

Meet was fate, always your friend advice.
But falling in love with you was
completely out of control.
Happy Rose Day!
Sending you a rose to say….
I Love You!
Happy Rose Day!

Your words are my food,
Your breath is my wine
You are everything to me.
Happy Rose Day!

The one who is very precious to me…
I wish her very very very special rose day.

Rose Day
Accept this Rose of mine as a
Symbol of Love, Friendship,
Faith and Trust…!

I may be away but
I’m sure…
Even when we’re
far apart…
Distance can never
The love I have for you
in my Heart…
Thinking of you…
Happy Rose Day!

Ek Rose unke liye
Jo milte nahi Roz Roz,
Magar yaad aate
hai har Roz.
Happy Rose Day!

The little things you do…
Mean so much to me…
‘Coz Sweetheart.
you are the one who
makes such a wonderful difference
to my life!
Happy Rose Day!

“When love first come to Earth, the
spring spread rose beds to recieve him.”
Happy Rose Day!
I am half without you!
So sending this half
rose for you!
Happy Rose Day!

I believe the most beautiful flowers in
the world are the roses.
Roses are the universal language
in most parts of the world, because
when given to someone special,
they express love and passion.
Happy Rose Day!

I asked god for roses
And God gave me garden of Rose
I asked him a drop of water
And God gave me an Ocean,
I asked him for angel
And God gave me you my love!
Beauty is an ecstasy,
It is as simple as hunger
There is really nothing to be
said about it.
It is like the perfume of a rose
You can smell it and that is all.
Happy Rose Day!
Love is much like a wild rose,
beautiful and calm,
but willing to draw
blood in its defense.”

Red for Passion,
Red for love,
Red for Roses too…
Here’s a big bouquet from me
To wish a Happy Rose Day to you!
No matter the distance is,
I will be always next to you.
Happy Rose Day!

“Love would never be a promise of a Rose
Garden unless it is showered with Light of
Faith. Water of sincerity and Air of Passion.
Happy Rose Day!

The fragrance of religious and
spiritual life is much finer and
subtler than that of the rose.

If I had a single flower for
every time I think about you.
I could walk forever in my garden.


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