Happy Sankranti Quotes and Sms

Happy Sankranti Quotes and Sms

Happy Sankranti Quotes and Sms

Happy Makar Sankranti
and happy kite festival.

Wishing you happy lohri,
may this festival brings prosperity,
happiness and good fortune in your life.
Happy makar sankranti..

Enjoy the festive season..
Sing and dance with fun..
Wishing you happiness..
On this Lohri!

May this sankranti come to you
as a newly blossomed flower
whose aroma makes you happy
and successful day by day!

Wishing you a very happy makar sankranti.
May the makar sankranti fire burns
all the moments of grief and delivers you
kindness of bliss enjoyment and fondness.

Our greatest glory is not in
never falling but in rising
every time we fall.

Happy makar sankranti..
May this harvest season
bring you prosperity.
Wishing you a very happy
Lohri and Makar Sankranti..

Sankranti is a time for celebration of love,
of life, of friendship. Therefore, it is the
moment to be graceful to god for the
intense pals and to carry to their essence
as much magic as they bring to ours.
Have a happy and memorable Sankranti..

My wishes for you my friend..
Great beginning for makar sankranti,
Love for valentines month,
Peace for holy month,
No worries for the month of April fool..
Fun for May, Joy for rainy seasons..
Accomplishment for August,
Affinity for September..
Favorable prosperity for
October and November..
Happiness for December..

A beautiful, bright and delighted day.
We entered makar to intense the ray.
Crop harvested to cheer the smirk,
arrive all together and relish the activity,
kites gliding huge to touch the happiness.
Til mangled with sweet to spread sweetness.
Time to enjoy the occasion with complete anxiety.
Very happy flourishing makar sankranti.

Wish you a life full of love and laughter.
Wish you a liveliness filled with sugariness.
Wish you a liveliness filled with passion.
Happy makar sankranti..

I wish you sour high just like
the kites on makar sankranti..

Sankranti the festival of the sun is here!
hope it gets you higher intelligence
and solidity and enliven your soul
for the complete current period.
Happy sankranti..!

Desiring that this feast is one
that carries good luck and good fortune
and trusting that it is ecstatic and fills
your daytime ahead with happiness.
Have a wonderful pongal.

With lord Venkateshwara’s grace..
May all days of the current era stay dazzling along
good cheer and happiness for you and your family.
Happy sankranti..!

I hope:- You clash with Lord’s bountiful sanctification.
Get seized by success and imprisoned to a growth
of success. No pawn allowed, stay blessed..
Happy Lohri..

May this makar sankranti bring a perfect
khichdi of love, joy and happiness!

On this joyous festival,
sending some warm wishes
from our home to yours.
Happy Lohri..

Here comes Sankranti, a opportunity which
creates bliss and cheer, and brings along
everything that’s best.. Happy Pongal..

Happy makar sankranti..
With immense adherence, intensity and
hilarity, with blaze of delight and belief..

We thank sun for burning itself to rescue us.
we acknowledge herbs for giving up their
liveliness for us and we thank all the creatures
helping us to live in this world for some time.
Happy pongal to all!

This lohri, be your best.
Be jolly, dance and enjoy,
forget the rest.. Happy lohri!

I may be far away, but the warmth
of my wishes will surely reach you.
Happy makar sankranti!

As the sun begin northbound route,
it creates complete pleasure all over
this year. I wish you and your family
a very happy makar sankranti..

Shubh makar sankranti..
may the blessings of the Sun God
be showered on you and your family
on this auspicious occasion.

Happy makar sankranti..
‘Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya’
As this day signifies that we should turn
away from the darkness in which we live,
and begin to enjoy a new life with bright
light with in us to shine brighter and brighter.
May this sankranti bring peace, prosperity,
love and happiness in your life.
May you have a very warm and joyous sankranti.

Wish you a very happy makar sankranti..
S: Success
A: Achievement
N: Naturalness
K: Kite
R: Realization
A: Acquirement
N: Naturalness
T: Together
I: Inventive

Wishing on this auspicious occasion,
that your life shines with the brightness
of wealth, high spirits and luck.
Happy makar sankranti..

Hope this auspicious occasion of
sankranti connect you to some brightest
moments, like the kites spot the blue.
Hope you attain different peak of
happiness computing grace to your bash.
Happy makar sankranti..

Hope you always sour
high just like the colorful
kites that dot the sky.
Happy makar sankranti..

On makar sankranti..
wishing you good
fortune and happiness!

Open the windows and look at the
birds fluttering big in the clouds.
I pray to lord to grant your desire
such wings so that even you
get what you desire for.
Happy makar sankranti..!

Cordial well wishes for
the happiest moments of
much awaited festival of
prosperity and contentedness.
Wish you a very happy sankranti.

Hope you always sour high,
just like kites that dot the sky.
Happy makar sankranti..


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