Happy Teddy Day Quotes and Sms

Happy Teddy Bear Day Quotes and Sms

It’s Teddy Day, and I’m thinking
of someone cute and huggable like you!
Happy Teddy Day!

You’re just like a Teddy…
Warm, Sweet and Cuddly too.
It’s Teddy Day and
I’m thinking a lot about you!

Wanna say on Teddy Day,
Teddies are cute, Old or New,
But nothing is Sweet and as
Lovely as you.
Happy Teddy Day!

I am happy that we are Friends..
Happy Teddy Day!

The angels have radiated God’s
healing and love through the
Fuzzy wonders here on earth
known as ‘Teddys’.
When teddy bears are placed in
need of ‘bear hugs’, when their
lives have been impacted by
tragedy or sickness, the angels
are right there standing by their side.

It’s Hug a Bear Day,
But you are so adorable
that you are worth a hug
today and every single day.

In your arms I feel so great.
The warmth, the Love,
best place is in that state
Love me
Hold me
Kiss me
Hug me
Happy Teddy Day! Dear..

Every thing in life I share,
except of course my Teddy Bear!
Happy Teddy Day!

Twinkle twinkle little whore,
close your legs you’re not a door.
You’re gonna catch an STD,
You’re only wanted cause you’re free…
Twinkle twinkle little whore,
you’re cheaper than the dollar store.
I just wanna be your teddy bear.
Happy Teddy Day!
with all my Love!


















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