Happy Women’s Day Quotes

Happy Women's Day Quotes

Hey! Sumptuous lady…
You symbolize zest and perspective…
Seeing you fills my heart
with love and affection…
Here’s my best wishes to you..
On women’s day!

You can do almost anything.
You put your mind to…
You can swim the deepest sea
and move up the top most mountain…
Be a surgeon or a pilot,
you can face difficulty and
still walk tall.
You are strong, delightful,
sympathetic and much more
than that could be described!
Today is yours and so is ever others day…
Happy Women’s Day!

You are as sweet
Inside as out.
You sure aren’t
made of candy?
Hope your day
is as sweet as you are!
Happy women’s day.

Keep your dreams big,
and your aspirations high…
celebrate International Women’s Day,
March 8th !

Every day, remind yourself that
You are the best!
Happy women’s day!

Sending your way letter to say..
you floweret the nature around me!
Happy women’s day!

Happy Women’s Day!
You’re my first friend and the
superb woman in the universe!
I Love you so much Mom!

Happy Women’s Day..
Women are strong and
compassionate too…
Cheers to the new
designers of womanhood…
Happy women’s day!

Happy women’s day!
Wishing you whole lot of
happiness and joy today and always…

Men to the left and
women always right
Happy women’s day!

It’s not just your beauty…
Not only your charming ways…
Your existence someway creates
my liveliness more special!
Your understanding warmth and affection,
your small thoughtful and actions…
All define the perfection of womanhood to me!
Happy women’s day!

Happy women’s day!
Love is the entire experiences
of a woman’s liveliness, it is but
an adventure in a man’s.
It is your day,
fill it with joy!

Some gals are warm and kind,
some are chic and stylish
others are cool and fun too
but I know someone special
who’s a stand out in any
crowd and that’s you!
Happy women’s day!

Women get the last word in every argument.
Anything a man says after that is the
Beginning of a new argument.
Happy women’s day!

It’s your day, fill it with joy!
You have everything in you and
that’s the logic why world honors you!
So chase your fantasy…
and make them come true!
Happy women’s day!

Who is my greatest interpreter,
happiness ruler, pillar,
adviser and companion!
Happy women’s day!

A drunken woman is
better than a jumbled man.
Happy women’s day!

Woman is an emblem of talent,
God’s finest and graceful formation.
Without whom no formation is doable.

Happy woman’s day
and I say a dessert shared…
Is a fun doubled!
Wish your Women’s Day
Is a Choc-a-block with smiles!

A woman is a revolution.
Within her is the power to
establish, nourish and commute.
Happy women’s day!

Being a woman is an extremely
challenging responsibility..
Happy women’s day!

Heres to the Woman!
who understands not only what she needs from people,
but she has to offer in return.
Happy women’s day!

Here’s to the woman…
who is faithful to relatives and pals,
who hopes for nothing from others,
then she is willing to give,
Here’s to the lady…
who gifts the presents of her kindness,
who shows her caring with a scord of pillar,
her forgiving with a smile,
a woman who carries pleasure for relations,
just by being herself.

We are cute daughters,
we are sweet sisters,
we are stunning girlfriends,
we are beloved other half,
we are lovable mothers,
we are source of strength,
we are WOMEN!
Happy Women’s Day!

Woman is the accomplice of spouse,
skilled with identical intellectual ability.
Happy women’s day!

W- World class
O- Optimal
M- Miraculous
A- Adorable
N- Nice .
Happy women’s day!

Happy Women’s Day!
A daughter who serves,
Bestever of love, life,
Friendship and trust.
A picture of praise,
Strength and grace.
A dreamer, achiever,
A winner off along,
We celebrate you.
The phenomenal woman today!
Happy women’s day!

I know how you can
always make me feel special…
but today you made me feel
Extra special!
Thank you for making my
women’s Day memorable!

Happy women’s day!
The willingness to listen,
The strength to hold,
The feelings to forebond and
right to be there.
That is the beauty of a lady!

Every woman’s heart has
different instructions…
They’re expressed from
her feelings, in her laugh,
by her behaviour and
in her tears.
She just had to find….
Someone who cares
enough to read them.
Happy women’s day!

Happy women’s Day!
Nature says to a woman;
Be beautiful if you can,
Intelligent if you intend,
However be honored,
That is important.
It is your day, fill it with joy!







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