Life quotes on Better Tomorrow

Life quotes on Better Tomorrow
Man is like Book, it has different looks,
Sometimes Happy,
Sometimes Sorrow,
Sometimes Jealous,
A day is passed, a page is turned
Never look behind, it will never return
Add friend each passing day
Also subtract an enemy and you be gay
Multiply the Joy, divide the Sorrow
And you will see a Better Tomorrow.

4 things never come back :
The Spoken Word
The Speed arrow
The Time Passed
The Neglected Opportunity.

Life is a file
Open with a Smile
Enjoy short a While
Because it’s just a Mile.

Life can be happier and stressless,
If we remember one simple thought:
We can’t have all that we desire,
But god will give us all that we deserve.

I ask to god not for a lighter burden, but
For broader shoulders in my life !

“No candle looses it’s light
While lighting another candle”
So never stop sharing and helping others because
It makes your life more meaningful….

“Destiny is simple the strength of your desires.
If you cry at a trouble, it grows double.
If you laugh at a trouble, it disappears like a bubble”.

“Sound when tuned is Music…..
Movement when tuned is Dance….
Mind when tuned is Meditation….
Life when tuned is Wonderful Journey”
Have a well tuned and great life…

Your aim in life should be 654321
6-six digit salary
5-five bedroom apartment
4-four wheel drive
3-three servants
2-two cute children
1-one sweet heart.

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