Life quotes on Birthday

Life Quotes on Birthday

No shadows to depress you, only joys to surround you Many friends to love you, god himself to bless you These are my wishes for you today, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

Sweet, Cute, Lovable, Intelligent, Unique, Adorable, Marvellous, Clever, Beautiful, Friendly, Kind, Good, Talented, Delicate, Fabulous, thinking special thoughts of you today on the thought of the years. But they are very special now because your birthday is here.
A friend is someone who has the gift of always giving your heart a life who listens and understands and cares and has a cheerful thought to share, whose presence brightens up the day, who does nice things in warmest ways.

Wishing happiest for you Not only for a day or two Not here and there and now and then But over and over again, Happy Birthday.

Birthday is a special day, wishes are special too Especially they were sent to someone as special as you.

Birthdays are such special days and wishes are special too Especially when they are sent to someone as nice as you.

A special birthday wish just for you. It’s your birthday and you add yet another page to your book of memories, it’s time to look back and cherish the golden moments from the past, to dream bright dreams about the future and a wonderful time to celebrate the present….. So as a chapter closes and a new one starts for you, may your days ahead be filled with all the wonderful things you’ve been looking forward to and hope all your cherished desires will come true and will bring you immense joy and happiness.

Thinking of you on your birthday your birthday brings some very special thoughts of you, May all the happiness you deserve be your’s the whole year through; May those people be always there who show their love and care, And your future bring such days that you will treasure for ever; Hope luck and fortune favours you in every walk of life And keeps you just successful in every step and every stride.

Dear Mother
Wonderful Birthday Wishes to
World sweetest Mom
I’m so greatful that
I have you as a Mom.
Thanks for always
Believing in Me.
Thanks for
All the support
That you have given to Me.
Thank you for being
Such a Kind and Loving Mother.
Happy Birthday Mom.

Hey mom!
On your special day…
May the nicest ‘n’ the
Sweetest surprises
Come your way!
Happy Birthday…..
With lotsa love!

Words to Delight
God gave a gift to the world
When you were born;
A person who loves and cares,
Who sees a person’s need and
Fills it, who encourages and
Lifts people up, who spends
Energy on others rather than herself,
Who touches each life she enters and
Makes a difference in the world.
May the love you have shown to
Others return to you multiplied.
Birthday wishes on your Birthday Mom…

Happy Birthday Dad
I would like to Thank You
For all those Valuable
Lessons you Taught me
The greatest gift
I ever had come God:
I call him Dad.

Happy Birthday Bro
I’m Fortunate and I’m Glad
I got you for my Brother;
Even if I had the chance,
I wouldn’t pick Another!
Happy Birthday Dear Brother!!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Sister
My dearest sister
Wish you a very warm and happy birthday
You are not only the sweetest sister
but also a true friend.
I feel blessed to have a sister like you.
May you achieve and get
All you ever wish for.

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Wife
Your radiance and your
Beauty is amazing to behold
I’m so happy, I married the birthday girl
Whose heart is filled with gold.
Happy Birthday Darling!

Sweet heart….
Your birthday is another occasion…
To shower you with sweet Kisses!
Happy Birthday!
Wishing you a day
Filled with love and happiness!

Birthday Wishes for a Girl Friend
My Birthday gift for you is…
A whole lotta love…
To wish you a day that’s
As special as you are!

Birthday Wishes for a Boss
A very Happy Birthday to a
Great Mentor and a Wonderful Person…..
Wishing you success and happiness always.
Happy Birthday Sir!

Belated Birthday Wishes
Wish you belated birthday wishes!!!
A part of you has grown in me,
And so you see
It’s you and me together forever
Never apart .
May be in distance
But never in Heart.

Advance Birthday Wishes
“God gave a gift to the World
When you were born,
You are like a sunny day
Spreading Brightness all around.
And you deserved to be wished
Happy Birthday in Advance”.
Happy Birthday in Advance!!!!

Birthday Wishes for a Friend
I always wished for a… special friend.
Who’d be close to my heart….
It came true, when I met you!
On your special day, I wish for you…
May all your dreams and wishes come true!
Have a very Happy Birthday!

Shadows to depress you, Only joys to surround you
Many friends to love you, god himself to bless you
These are my wishes for you today, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

Today is your special day,
That day is your birthday,
So it’s the perfect time to say,
You are always thought of
Ina a very special way,
Your birthday is a special day,
A time to have new hopes and dreams,
And now I would like to take time to say,
You are very special in every way,
So, I wish you a very special
Happy Birthday!

On this wonderful day,
A star of pure love
Appeared to be my gift….
My present and my future. You!…..
I am very thankful for all the joy
You bring into my life!
Happy Birthday my Love!

A wish for you on your Birthday,
Whatever you ask,
May you Receive,
Whatever you seek,
May you find,
Whatever you wish,
May it be fulfilled.
On your Birthday and Always.

I may not be by your side….
Celebrating your special day with you…
But I want you to know that I’m
thinking of you and wishing you
A wonderful Birthday!

A birthday is a good time to
Remember our friends.
Come to think of it, at our age,
It’s good to remember most anything at all!

Be yourself
Invite new challenges
Recall past triumphs
Trust your instincts
Have faith in your abilities
Desire only the best
Affirm your strengths
You’ve got what it takes!

A brand new day is dawning
And as it gets its start,
I want you to know I am thinking
Of you with warmth in my heart.
I hope your Birthday is so special
No one deserves it more than you!
You are such a kindhearted person,
It shows in everything that you do.
So, have a perfect morning
And an even lovelier day….
May happiness surround you
Always….not just for today!

Make a vision on Birthday
Make a wish and give it wings
Dreams of bright and Beautiful things
Dance through all the fun filled hours
Don’t forget to smell the flowers
Share some love and Birthday Cake
And when evening comes to view
Thanks your lucky stars you’re you.

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