Quotes and SMS on Confidence

quotes and on Confidence

Words with great confidence-
“The more I lose, the more they believe they can beat me.
But believing is not enough-you still have to beat me!”-Roger Federer

Confidence never comes if we have all the answers,
But it comes when we are ready for all the questions”.
So, be bold to face the world…!”

Be who you are and say what you feel,
Because those who mind don’t matter
And those who matter don’t mind.

”Do not lower your goals
To the level of your abilities….
Instead raise your abilities
To the height of your goals.”

May you follow your Dreams
And always believe in yourself.
Keep your eyes on the stars
And hope in your heart.

You can have everything you want
If you will give up the belief that you can’t have it.

If my mind can conceive it,
And my Heart can believe it,
I know I can Achieve it.

If you have no self confidence,
You are twice defeated in the race of life.
With confidence,
You have won even before
You have started.

If I have lost confidence in myself,
I have the universe against me.

“Confidence comes not from always being right
But from not fearing to be wrong.”

Iam not a bitch,
I just speak my mind.
I’m not a slut,
I just get every guy I want.
I am not a Heart Breaker,
I just get bored easily,
I,m not cooky,
I m Confident.

Confidence is the key.
If you don’t believe in Yourself,
Then nobody will.
I am who, I am
And your opinion isn’t needed.

The people who are
Crazy enough to think
They can change the world,
Are the ones who do

“I am indeed a KING/ QUEEN because
I know how to rule myself.”

Confidence comes naturally with success
But, success comes only to those who are confident

Self confidence is the first requisite to
Great undertakings.

If my mind can Conceive it,
And my Heart can Belive it,
I Know I can Achieve it.

The trouble with ignorance is that
It picks up confidence as it goes along.

The man who has confidence in himself
Gains the confidence of others.

All you need is ignorance and
Confidence, then success is sure.

“Confidence comes not from
Always being right but from
Not fearing to be wrong.”

He who is not courageous enough to take
Risks will accomplish nothing in life.

You just have to go after what you want
And if it doesn’t want you back,
Then so be it, it doesn’t DESERVE you anyways.

Most people are raised to believe
They’re just as good as the next person.
I was always taught that I was BETTER.

To be at the top,
You need the confidence to stand alone.

Its not the Clothes….
Its not the Hair…..
Its not the Looks….
Its not the Eyes….
Its not the Appearance….
It’s the Personality, Get to know me.

Whatever you can do or dream
You can, begin it.
Boldness has genius power,
And magic in it…..

Go confidently in the direction
Of your dreams live the life
You have imagined.

Have confidence that if you have done a little
Thing well, you can do a bigger thing well too.

“You are never too old to set another
Goal or to dream a new dream……”

Confidence is the most important single factor in this game
And no matter how great your natural talent
There is only one way
To obtain and sustain it:

What matters most is
How to see yourself

Never be afraid to be loud,
Be afraid to have no voice.
Never be afraid of the thoughts of others,
Be afraid of not being true to
Who you are
Your own style makes you confident.

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