Quotes and SMS on Smile and Joy

Quotes and SMS on Smile and Joy

An impressing thought:
If the looser keeps his smile,
Then the winner will lose the thrill of victory…

Smile in joy and in pain,
Smile when Sorrow pours like rain
Smile when someone hurts your feelings
For smile has a touch of healing.

Smile is a small curve which can set lot of things straight,
For someone extra special, someone who is dear,
always thoughtful, who always bring good cheer.

Thousands of languages around this world,
But smile can beat them all.
Because smile is the language
Even a baby can speak.
So keep smiling…….

Life is like a mirror, if you face it smiling,
it smiles back at you.

I wish for you:
Great start on Monday
No obstacles for Tuesday
No stress for Wednesday
No worry for Thursday
Smile for Friday
Party for Saturday
Great fun for Sunday
Have a great week
Smile is complete.

I searched many gardens to select a flower to give as a gift to you,
But I didn’t find the flower looking more beautiful than your smile…..
So keep smiling.

Some joys are better expressed in smile than by words…..
When I asked myself whether I enjoyed meeting you in my life.
I just always smiled.

Smile is complete when it begins with Lips
Reflects in your eyes
And ends with a glow on your face”.
Wish you a “Smiling” Day….
Keep smiling.

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