Life Quotes on True Love

life quotes on true love

Look at the most desired Love quotes :

1. The virtue of a True Love is not finding the perfect person, but loving the imperfect person perfectly.

2. We often don’t understand emotions of the one who is very near to our heart, Because the book when held very near to our eyes is impossible to read.

3. Lovable meaning : There is some gap between each fingers? Do you know why? Because one day God will send a True Love to fill those gaps by holding your hands forever….

4. Lovable life quote : Love means feeling someone in your heartbeat, finding someone in every imagination, seeing someone even in ones absence and missing someone without reason..

5. Our body is full of water but wherever it hurts, Blood comes out .
Our heart is full of blood, whenever it hurts the water comes out from Eyes.

6. You can’t wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug.
A hug delights, warms and charms.
And that must be the reason why God gave us arms.

7. The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched ,they must be felt with the heart.

8. Unknown we met, unknown we may part,
Let the memories be the part of our hearts.

9. Love is an ocean of emotions filled with expenses,
It cannot be defined as it is a feeling that directly comes out from the HEART.

10.Most touchy lines said by a true lover to her love while breakup: “Out of all your lies you said to me,”I Love You” was my favorite”.

11. To Love someone is madness and to be loved by someone is gift. Loving someone who loves you is duty but being loved by someone whom you love is life.

12. True love is not a goal to be achieved,
its just a precious gift and wonderful treasure to be believed.

13. Shower and flower lasts for few hours
but our love has such power which lasts for ever.

14. A true lovers love is amazing, expressed rarely in words, but the sound of her loving heart, in its action is clearly heard.

15. A true lover is the person who will be always present when you need her, to hold out her hand, her smile always tells you that she understands.

16. A friend is a person, who would never turn away from you,
she would be there when you need her,
and help you in the ways so true.

17. A friend inspires you to reach for the starts and
makes you feel special, with the love she showers.

18. A true lover is always kind and true,
she makes things good as new,
she shows that she cares and
encourage the best you can do.

19. A lover fills your day with sunshine and pleasure and
gives you memories full of joy, you will always treasure.

20. A true friend is a source of gentle warmth and wisdom for you.
someone who stands by you all life through.

21. There is nothing in the wide world that one can put above,
the special understanding of a friends love.

22. A true lover in his warm and loving ways,
can make something special and wonderful of an ordinary day.

23. A token of love-
for a friend close to the heart,
a friend who will always be
life’s important part.

24. I LOVE YOU my friend and want to meet you soon
you are very sweet as beautiful as moon.

25. Memories of gateway never be closed
how much I Love You, no one knows.

26. My love for you increases day by day
I LOVE YOU more than I can say.

27. Look for the beauty not color of skin
but look for my heart, that’s loyal within
beauty may fade and skin go old,
but my heart that is loyal will never go old.

28. Love is as high as everest
and as deep as pacific
which is difficult to see
but easy to feel.

29. Love is a song composed by two hearts.

30. Love is blind, fair or black I don’t mind.

31. If you fall in well, there is a rope
If you fall in river, there is a boat
If you fall in love, there is no hope

32. LOVE is seeing yourself through another eye and
finding yourself in another heart.

33. I have a heart and it is true
now it has gone from me to you
so take care of it as I had done
because I have none and you have two.

34. Love is like a cigarette
it begins with fire
comes to fumes and
end with ashes.

35. The overflowing love, I did sip
in all my trouble, she is my grip
and I sailed smoothly in her friendship
with always thankful prayer on my lips.

36. Sunshine reminds me of you
Moonlight reminds me of you
How can I forget you
when my own reflection reminds me of you

37. When a boy and girl put more of “you” than “I”
in their conversation with each other, it’s beginning of love.

38. Love never hurts, harasses or humiliates
It only helps, heals and harmonises.

39. The sweetest of all sounds in the world is the sweetheart’s name.

40. Don’t demand love, deserve it.

41. For the world you are someone
for someone you are the world.

42. Ugliness resides in skin
Beauty resides in heart
Love resides in the soul.

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