Life quotes on Worth

Life quotes on Worth

Friends are like pieces of puzzle
If you loose one it will never be complete again,
Just want you to know, you are one of the pieces
I can’t afford to loose.

A small poem for you
Forgetting you is hard to do, forgetting me is upto you.
Forget me not, forget me never and you will have a friend forever.

Knowing a friend like you has made me happy in a million ways and if ever I have to let you go, I would find million reason to make you stay.

ABC : Always be careful
DEF: Don’t ever forget (me)
JKLM: Just keep loving me
NOPQRSTUVW: No other person quite right shall teach you very well.

May god grant a sun beam to warm you,
A moon beam to charm you,
An angel so that nothing can harm you, laughter to cheer you and
Whenever you pray, heaven to hear you.

Heartbeats are countless, spirits are angels
Dreams are endless, memories are timeless
And a friend like you ………
Thank you for being my friend

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