Quotes for Successful Married Life

Quotes for Successful Marriage

Trust is the start of it,
Joy is the part of it,
Love is the heart of it.

A successful marriage requires,
Falling in love many times,
always with the same person.

The happiest relationship is between
Two people who never have the same characters….
But have the best understanding of their differences.

One should never hope for,
What my life partner can do for me,
But, should think of whole day, hours and even each minute
That, what I can do for my life partner….

Living with :
“TO GET” and “TO GIVE”
Creates too many problems,
Living with :
Simple Attitude :
“forGET and forGIVE”
Solves all the problems…..

Best line in relationship:
When your loved ones commit any mistake
Or hurt you
You should have faith that the wrong was only In-tension
And not Intention.

Relationships are like a bird,
If you catch tightly they die,
If you catch loosely they fly
But if you catch affectionately,
They remain with you for ever.

Two secrets to keep your life smooth and avoid clashes..
Whenever you are wrong, Admit it….
But wherever you are Right, Just be Silent.

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