Quotes on Crying Heart

Quotes on Crying Heart

Crying heart is a wounded heart, Which loves someone
Which likes someone
Which wants someone
Crying heart is a painful heart, Which remembers someone
Which sheds tears for someone
Crying heart is just like a rose, once crushed never blossoms again.

Words and hearts should be
handled with care,
because words when spoken……
and hearts when broken……
are the hardest things to repair.

These lines are hard to understand,
but are damn true….
“once you loose someone,
It’s never exactly the same
Person, who comes back.

It is very easy to hurt
Someone and then say “sorry”.
But it’s very difficult to get hurt and say “I am fine”.

There is no wine if grapes are not pressed.
No perfume if flowers are not crushed.
If you feel any pressure in life,
It means god is bringing the best out of you…

Most difficult moments of life:
Giving someone a hug,
When you need it the most yourself.
Fighting back the tears in your eyes
To wipe off someone else’s tears.
Listening to somebody’s grief when you want your misery to be heard.
Being the reason of a smile on someone’s face
When your own smile is lost….

Beautiful lines said by a Broken Heart Lover.
“I wish you to love me till my life ends…
If not
My life time should be till your love ends”.

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