Valentine’s Day Quotes

valentines day quotes

1.Oh baby, the passion of your kisses
makes my heart surge and my body
yarns to embrace you. I am captured
and I surrender! The more of you I have,
the more of you I need. I am unsatisfied
until I found you, I was lost, together we are one.
Happy Valentines Day..

2. My darling I love you deeper than
I have ever loved up to now .
I have wanted your love since the very first
moment I saw you and now when I am yours,
my darling I lose myself in you.
I need you more than my own life,
I belong to you more than my own soul,
love you more than my own self.
Happy Valentines Day..

3. Not only because we have all the
ingredients of a perfect love present
in our special bond like care, affection,
trust, warmth and fun but also because
sometimes when there are no such ingredients,
we make our own recipe of a perfect and true love!
Honey you are so special to me and you’ll always be!
Happy Valentines Day..

4. If any day you feel like crying…….
call me, I don’t promise that I will make
you laugh, but I can cry with you.
If any day you want to run away……..
don’t be afraid to call me,
I don’t promise to ask you to stop,
but I can run with you,
If any day you don’t want to listen to any one…….
call me, I promise to be there for you
and commit to be meer silent, however
if someday you ping me up and there is no answer,
come fast to see me perhaps I need you.
Happy Valentines Day..

5. Time comes to a halt when
I am not with you any time….
Days seem longer when you
are far away from me any day…..
The world seems to be a lonely place,
when I don’t see you around me anywhere…..
and that’s because I need you here by
my side today, tomorrow and always.
Happy Valentines Day..

6. Thoughts of you bring countless memories,
of the special times we have shared …..
of all the joys and laughter too
that have always been a very happy part
of being friends with you…..
Thoughts of you bring hopes, that as
friends we’ll always know the same
heart warming closeness,
that I have come to treasure so.
Happy Valentines Day..

7. It takes a minute to have a crush on
someone an hour to like someone and
a day to get mad for a person,
yet it yields a lifespan to forget a person.
Happy Valentines Day..

8. I did not know what real loneliness was until
you left me you are the best person that I have ever
known you are still my friend and I still love you.
Happy Valentines Day..

9. Face to face is hard to say things,
I wish I could, but between good friends,
unspoken thoughts are always understood.
Happy Valentines Day..

10. This comes to thank you for the smiles
you put on faces and for the difference that
you make in my life. Happy Valentines Day..

11. I love you more than I can say.
I may not express you just how meaningless
my life would be without you but I wish you find out
in your own way that I will love you more and more everyday.
Happy Valentines Day..

12. You are such a sweet person always doing things
to spread a little cheer, helping each other through
the rough times and sharing the fun of the good times.
Happy Valentines Day..

13. It means a lot to me and yet I may not always tell you,
I want you to know that I really appreciate and love you.
I want you to know that I believe in you for the caring
person that you are. Happy Valentines Day..

14. I love the way you understand me and make me
understand sometimes better than I understand myself.
I believe in making the most of everyday together sharing
good times with you and just relaxing and enjoying each other.
I just want you to know that I will always be there with you
because I believe in our love. With you beside me,
my days are filled with happiness and my life is filled with love.
Happy Valentines Day..

15. Troubles and worries disappear with
your bright smile and special touch.
Life just has to be good when I am sharing
it with you, I am glad I have you to love.
Happy Valentines Day..

16. I never thought I would find you
but yet somehow it seems
I have known you for a life time
If only in my dreams
now every time I see your smile
and feel your loving touch
I know you are real and wonderful
and I love you very much.
Happy Valentines Day..

17. In summer, rain and winter dew,
I think of none but only you…
To wipe my tears you were always there,
all my joys and sorrows with you, I could share,
my life before was a mess, but your entry filled it with happiness.
When I felt lonely, you were always beside,
In the journey of life, you are my friend and guide.
When I was upset, you were there to console,
Oh! dear one! You are my heart and soul.
If we are miles away from each other,
I pray that our love should never never lose for one another.
Let this bond grow strong day by day,
this is what world should say.
Happy Valentines Day..

18. Read this and give me another
chance to express my affections truly,
read this and in your every glance through
these lines you will find my love surely.
Happy Valentines Day..

19. I know things are not working out the way you planned,
but do not let go of your hopes and dreams or loose trust,
I want you to only have confidence in yourself as much
as I believe in you. Happy Valentines Day..

20. When I am close to you,
I hear a sound like the beating of wings.
It’s the sound of my heart, a heart that is yours now,
my love, more than my own, you have my heart,
my love, my life my all, now and forever.
Happy Valentines Day..

21. The longer we are together, the more I realize.
How much I depend on you and need you in my life.
I love you more each day. Happy Valentines Day..

22. It’s sometimes so unbelievable, to hug the one you like.
To move holding each others hand, sharing a comfortable silence…..
To spend each moment though it was the uttermost valued one…..
It’s some times so unbelievable to know your star can shine on you…..
But I started believing it ever since I fell in love with you!
Happy Valentines Day..

23. Love is the special world
that’s shared by you and me…..
Love shall never fade away but
always stay forever and ever and ever…..
Happy Valentines Day..

24. Your love is like the beauty of a rose….
that can never be expressed in words…..
It fills my heart with happiness…..
and gives meaning to my entity…..
Iam so delighted I found u,
I love you, I love you, I love you.
Happy Valentines Day..

25. Your love like a beautiful melody,
has touched the chords of my heart endless….
and each time I close my eyes, all I see is you…….
and the only wish I have is to spend each
moment of my life just loving you..
Happy Valentines Day..

26. I miss you while I sleep,
but then I find you in my dreams,
you are in my thoughts,
you are in my fantasies,
you are in my heart,
you are in my soul,
you are in my breath,
I can’t get enough of you…..
Happy Valentines Day..

27. Your love is a very special gift,
I won’t be able to thank you enough for it….
Happy Valentines Day..

28. Keep in mind that I am forever there
to attend you, to fecilitate you, to share your sorrow,
to celebrate your success, to love you.
Happy Valentines Day..

29. To love is nothing..
To be loved is something..
To love and be loved is everything.
Happy Valentines Day..

30. Every garden must have a rose,
every sweet friend must have a smile,
every grass must have dew and every girl
in the world must have a lover like you.
Happy Valentines Day..

31. Introduction is possible any time
Marriage is possible one time
friendship is likely few times but true
love is likely only one time in a life time.
Happy Valentines Day..

32. I like three things,
the Sun, the Moon, and you..
Sun for the morning, moon for
the evening and you for senility!
Happy Valentines Day..

33. Nobody has ever measured,
even poets, how much a heart can hold.
Happy Valentines Day..

34. They who meet on an April night
are forever lost in love, if
there’s moonlight all about and
there’s no moon above.
Happy Valentines Day..

35. Oh, if it be to choose and call thee
mine, love, thou art every day my valentine!
Happy Valentines Day..

36. It’s the month of kisses,
surprises, proposals and dates,
chocolates and gifts.
Happy Valentines Day..

37. Our heart never lies and it says
it Love you from it’s
core. Be my Valentine.

38. Happy Valentines Day..
Will you be my Valentine?








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